My name is Kathryn Rose Hanson. I’m a witch and an aspiring author. I have a world, Ashan, that I have created. Explore it in my website, or in any books that I write. Currently, I am writing TWO books. I hope to have at least one of them by the last day of 2019. (Here’s to hoping.) I am rewriting The Assistant Principal, and turning it into something else. I realized that it didn’t make sense with the way I portrayed my species.

Either way, I look forward to helping you with what you need. I’m going to start information pages. I will explore Witchcraft with you, and Ashan. Choose a topic and read about it! Just remember that not everything on this page is something I created! Let me know if there’s something you want to know about, and I’ll try to answer it for you. I DO have a mundane job as well, so I apologize if my answer is every delayed, but I will definitely try to get you as soon as I can.

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