The World


Let’s visit this map again, and explain it. The Central Core is the where all of the power for all of the other realms resides. The energy that swirls around all of Ashan. No one except the gods and goddesses live in the Central Core. The realms are each home to a different species. The largest outside of the Central Core is, of course, Astrain. Let’s see who everyone is!

Abrel – Realm of the Human Angels

Abrel is pronounced “ah-breh-L”

Achore – Realm of the Earthen Elementals

Achore is pronounced “Ah-choh-ray”

Alpech – The realm of the Neko

Alpech is pronounced “all-pesh”

Ashkall – Realm of the Were-creatures

Ashkall is pronounced “ash-call”

Astana – Realm of the Dwarves

Astana is pronounced “Ah-stah-nah”

Astrain – Realm of the Humans

Astrain is pronounced “As-tray-in”

Drunga – Realm of Dragons

Drunga is pronounced “Drew-N-gah”

Eblye – Realm of the Fire Elementals

Eblye is pronounced “EE-B-lie”

Echeeum – Realm of the Council of Elders

Echeeum is pronounced “EE-chee-uhm”

Eflaye – Realm of the Dark Elves

Eflaye is pronounced “EE-flay-ah”

Efraen – Realm of the True angels

Efraen is pronounced “EE-fray-en”

Epryae – Realm of the Water Elementals

Epryae is pronounced “Eh-pry-ah-eh”

Foshary – Realm of the Giants

Foshary is pronounced “Foh-shah-ree”

Freaburg – Realm of the Light Elves

Freaburg is pronounced “Fray-ah-berg”

Hafesh – Realm of the Nymphs

Hafesh is pronounced “Hah-feh-sh”

Hasmela – Realm of the fallen

Hasmela is pronounced “Has-mel-ah”

Kastus – Realm of Spirits

Kastus is pronounced “Kah-s- too-s”

Nuflia – Realm of the Air Elementals

Nuflia is pronounced “New-flee-ah”

Ochoen – The Witch Realm

Ochoen is pronounced “Oh-choh-en”

Oshella – Realm of the Fae

Oshella is pronounced “Oh-she-lah”

Vasmeica – Realm of the vampires

Vasmeica is pronounced “Vah-s-my-kah”

Vopliyca – Realm of the Serpents

Vopliyca is pronounced “Voh-ply-ca”

Vuthale – Realm of the Reapers

Vuthale is pronounced “Voo-tale”

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