Lucifer Mortis

A black haired man sat on a throne-like chair in an empty room. A sigh escaped him as he thought about the conversation he had had with Damon not too long before. He ran a pale hand through his hair, letting his black eyes roam around the room.” – from The Assistant Principal

The dreaded Devil! That damn jerk! Who God kicked out!

Ha! He’s isn’t a jerk or a devil in this story. He’s the King of Hasmela! Although the Master of the Angels, who you’d call God, did kick him out of his homeland. But, we must go on!

It is unknown when he was born, but he only 19 years old, which is roughly 1,900 years old in human years. Lucifer was indeed an archangel, so he ages a bit slower than the rest of others.

He stands at about 6ft 4in, or 193 cm, and weighs 150 lbs, or 68 kg. He has raven black hair and bottomless black eyes. They do tend to turn red when he gets angry. He has milky white skin.

Some of his nicknames are Luc or My Lord. He hates it when people call him by his title, though. He’s always telling them that they don’t need to, but they never listen.

If you want to learn more about this King, just let me know!

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