Jonah Deeparsh


Hunter watched the butler stiffen ever so slightly, eyes widening as they focused on the door. Hunter rose an eyebrow, wondering what it was all about. The butler muttered under his breath. “Is that Jonah?”

“Alistair, where are you?” ” – from The Assistant Principal

This Fallen is a bit of a clutz, but that’s okay. He does his job of being the king’s messenger well.

He was born on X201 October 15 in Astrain as a human. He’s 5 ft 5 in, or 165 cm, and weighs about 120 lbs, or 54.4 kg.

Jonah has violet hair and violet eyes, which is normal for Fallen. Not so normal is he were human, huh? His skin is so pale, that sometimes it glows in the light! Just kidding, but he seriously has some pretty pale skin.

This young Fallen doesn’t have any nicknames yet, but if you wanna give him one, let me know! I’m sure he’d be happy to have one! If you have any questions about him, email me. He may be clumsy, but he’s also very silly too.

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