Human Fallen

These Fallen are previously Angels that were previously Human. Due to the corrupt Master, they fell to the care of King Lucifer of Hasmela. Which is probably better in the long run.

Human fallen remain or start at the height they were when they died as humans. They are seemingly reborn as angels, though they don’t start back from infancy. They start from whenever they died.

They can mate and have children, the same way a human does. It has to be with a male and a female, as the human body can’t support a child any other way.

Just like the Angel Fallen, they have dark hair and/or dark eyes. They gain pointed ears and sharp canines to blend in with the other Fallen, though the canines aren’t as long a vampires. They are, indeed, quite as sharp. They grow a tail out from their tailbone and their fingernails darken to black.

Their black wings will grow instantly, but painfully if they are over 13 when they die. If they are younger, than they will grow in naturally and painlessly as is normal.

The adults wear leather wrappings in various shapes, sizes, and colours. The children where various shades of black and grey cotton pants and shirts.

They age at the same rate they did when they were humans, even if they are born in Hasmela. When they die, they travel to Kastus, the realm of spirits to drift peacefully. Hopefully.

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