Henry Miles

“Hey, fairy!” a jock taunted, wrapping a thick arm around Hunter’s neck and rubbing his knuckles harshly over the top of his head. Hunter struggled against him before he was thrown into the lockers.” – from The Assistant Principal

Not a very good first impression of this guy, huh? Henry was born X934 December 24 in Freymorr, Astrain. He stands at about 5ft 10 in, or 178 cm, and weighs about 200 lbs, or 90.7 kg. Don’t worry, he’s not fat. He just has a lot of muscle. Don’t all jocks?

He doesn’t look too fancy, just your average brown hair and brown eyes. This guy is completely human, by the way. Being outside all the time, his skin is a bit darker than your average white guy. At the moment, he’s just a student in high school, stayed back a few years too.

Despite being a Miles, his mother remarried after his father passed away. She is now Judy Jones, married to George Jones and has two more sons: Samuel and Kaleb.

People who are close to this jock call him Hen. (Not like the animal! He hates when anyone compares him to that “damn animal.” His words, not mine. Anyways, if you want to know more about him, send me an email! I’m sure Henry wouldn’t mind giving out more information about himself.

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