The Fae live in the Air Realm!

Enviroment they Evolved In:

Forests of the Air Realm. The realm itself has many different platforms that are suspended in the air. It is similar to the Earthen Realm, except the land masses are broken up and in different places.

The Fae have a few different forests that are theirs. There are four different Fae communities based off of their magick. The forests have evolved over time, but have stayed the basic same.

Enviroment they live in now:

Fae magick allows them to live inside the tree and expand to look similar to a house. It is technically an interactive illusion. If the tree is damaged, then the illusion and magic die, and the Fae living in that tree are left with nothing. Most families all live in the same ancient trees. The Fae magick allow the trees to live as long as the Fae inside the live. If the Fae leaves the tree permanently, the magick will disappear and the tree will age again until it dies.

Do the Fae hibernate or migrate? Do they have a range?

They do neither. Their range is the forests in which their communities live. Each community has their own ‘island’ where they stay and live. They can visit each other and are not contained to one ‘island’ but they only live in that one area.

What type of shelter do they seek out or build?

They live in the trees. With magick, they can burrow and expand the inside of the tree without harming the actual tree. It is similar to an illusion. If any harm comes to the tree, the illusion is broken and everything in it disappears. They don’t use much technology, as not much is used in the Air Realm.


They have Tubes and Lungs. They have two lungs to aid with breathing for speaking as humans do. However, they also have small openings called ‘spiracles’ which are similar to butterflies that run along the thorax and sides of the abdomen. If they don’t need to speak, they don’t need to breath through their humanoid mouth and nose. The spiracles carry needed oxygen through the tubes in the body.

How often do they need to breath?

They breathe constantly through the spiracles. It is not necessary to breath through the mouth and nose directly to the lungs unless they need to speak.

What do Fae eat?

Fae drink nectar-infused water. It is usually referred to as Fae water. Fae cannot eat any solids, and should not drink anything except Fae water or regular water. They can drink other beverages if they so choose, but they might run the risk of getting sick. Fae anatomy does not accept solid food in any way. If they eat something solid, it will come back up within the hour.

The stomach does not have intestines attached like humans do. The lining of the stomach will absorb the nutrients needed and reject everything else. The acid is different. It is there to ‘judge’ what can be processed and what cannot.

What eats them?

Dragons are the only creatures that will sometimes eat Fae. This is usually only if the Fae has bothered the dragon to the point of irrational rage or id the dragon is old and can’t tell much difference anymore.

How do they get nectar-infused water?

Fae have always used their magick to extract nectar from the plants and usually mix it with water to make it easier to consume.

How much do they eat and how often?

Fae only usually need to drink half of their body weight in nectar every day (24 hours). When it is infused with the water, they need to figure out how much is needed. It works because they also need to drink half their body weight in regular water. It ends up pretty even.

Body and Appearance

Fae are warm-blooded and have an endoskeleton. Their bones are inside their body, but they are similar to a bird’s. They are hollow. This allows their wings to be able to carry them without many issues. Their skin is slightly thicker and harder than a human’s. Fae are similar in size to humans, but are in proportion with their wings.

How do the Fae move?

Fae can walk, as most of their body is similar that of a human’s in that aspect. They have wings to fly with as well. They use both as methods of transportation. They have butterfly like wings protruding from their backs that they use to fly.

How do they manipulate things in the environment?

Fae have magick specific to them. They can manipulate the natural enviroment around them similar to illusions. You can touch and interact with these illusions, but if something breaks them then they disappear. They can use this for things like building houses in trees. Or they can hide their wings if they need to, such as being in front of humans or to get into tight spaces where the wings won’t fit.

The only other magick they have is to remove nectar from plants without touching the plant or the nectar. The magick produces a glow around the flower and reaches into the flower for them. They then move their hands up and the nectar is removed from the flower.

Describe their color and markings:

There are four different communities with four different types of magick. The type of magick they have depends on what they can manipulate.

  1. Earth Fae: They can manipulate anything that grows from the earth.
  2. Magick Fae: They can manipulate magick itself to form things they need. It is limited to natural things.
  3. Ice Fae: They can manipulate anything made from or covered in ice, so long as its natural.
  4. Air Fae: They can manipulate the air itself to form things or to move the air around them.

The only other magick they all have is the illusion magick for making their homes and hiding their wings. Each community has traits of their magick, including the coloring of their wings. The wings have patterns similar to butterflies.

How long do Fae live?

They can live up to 450-500 years.

Life Stages

Their body ages as fast as their mental maturity. Childhood usually lasts anywhere between fourteen and twenty-five years. They physically age the same as a human does. When Fae are first born, they do not have a gender or wings. During these years, Fae need a lot more nectar-infused water to survive. After five years, regardless of mental maturity, they go into a metamorphic state for about a week. After breaking out of their cocoon, they will be either male or female and have their wings. They don’t need as much nectar-infused water to survive.

Fae age as fast they mature, but typically live for about four hundred-fifty to five hundred years. During their last fifty years of life, they age into what humans perceive as elderly. The way to know is that their hair starts loosing color, just as humans. They die in a cocoon-like structure.

How do they reproduce?

Fae have heats. Once they have found their mates, they get their first heat. After this, they have one every fifty or so years. During heat is the only time they can reproduce and have children.

Both males and females have an anal cavity that is pretty much just a tighter vagina without a reproductive system. They do not eat solid foots and their stomach absorbs any nutrients through the lining. Due to this, Fae do not have a digestive system as humans do. When in the cocoon at the age of five, reproductive organs are formed for both male and female.

Male Fae have a weird reproductive system. Along the anal cavity, they can have a hidden opening that is typically sealed until they go through heat seasons. The reproductive system also has a penis on the outside of the male body to impregnate their female mate, if their mate is female. They can always ejaculate, but only during heats is the sperm active.

Females have an empty anal cavity always, no hidden openings. They have a vagina where their reproductive organs sit. At anytime can they produce eggs and ‘slick’, but only during seasonal heats are they active.

Fae cannot get pregnant during any time, unless they are in their seasonal heat. That is not to say that they cannot get pregnant by other creatures or Fae if they aren’t with their mate when their heat hits. The reproductive organs only stop working in their last fifty or so years of life when they start aging and are considered elderly. Fae can have sex outside of their heats, they just cannot get pregnant.

There is a Fae disease where heats can be triggered from nothing, even without a mate. This disease is usually only found in male Fae. These Fae can get pregnant way more easily, but still only when in their heats. Studies show that they still cannot have more than one heat per year. Their heats are usually triggered while having sex.

How many offspring do they typically have?

Typically one for each seasonal heat. Rarely, they will ave identical twins.

Who cares for the offspring and how much care do they provide?

Parents will usually take care of the offspring and will continue until the offspring wants to branch out and start their own home. They don’t always have to branch out. A lot of Fae typically enjoy staying in the family tree, simply expanding it with magick when they need more room.


Fae have naturally sharp sight. They can see past basic colors, and the world is more vibrant. Sight is their best sense.

Fae can hear as well as the average human. It might not be their strongest sense, but they can use it well enough.

Fae don’t have as many taste buds due to not really needing them. Any solid food will register with an ashy taste. The body does this to try and keep Fae from trying to eat anything solid. The body rejects it within the hour, either way.

Fae sense of smell is excellent, though mostly only for finding nectar. Anything else is only slightly better than that of a human.

Due to their skin being harder to protect them, it can be harder for them to sense touch. More pressure might be needed to feel basic touch. If they need medical treatment, it is more difficult for them to have things such as tourniquets. As such, they can be more prone to bleeding out.

Another sense would be their wings. Being delicate, the wings can sense subtle changes in the air current and can relay this to the Fae’s brain. Such as if their is danger or a storm. Fae only get one pair of wings their entire life. If they damage them, that’s it. They don’t have capabilities to heal them. Mages might have the magick for it, but they usually charge prices higher than Fae are willing to pay.

How do Fae communicate?

Fae communicate through speech, just as humans do. They need to breath from their mouths or nose to be able to speak, so that the vocal chords will work. This is the only time they need to breath that way. The only reason they have lungs in the first place.

Fae do have a series of clicks and vibrations they can sense from each other. Just as with the voice, each Fae sounds different to each other. Evolving over times, they usually only use this way of communicating in times of great stress or pleasure.

Common traits and behaviors?

Fae are very social and very sexual. They are not shy about nudity, and usually forgo tops. Another reason for this is that it can very difficult to put shirts or anything on with their wings. As a rule, they also do not have shoes. With hardened skin, they do not usually need them unless trying to blend in with humans.

They like contact, such as cuddling and hugging. They are a very ‘touchy’ species. The only things they try to be careful around is their wings. They all are very aware of how sensitive they are and how delicate they can become.

Do Fae sleep? How long?

Usually Fae sleep for about five hours a night, anytime between sundown and sunrise.

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