Damon Wolfe

“The boy’s eyes widened before he was pushed roughly to the side and hit a hard barrier. It was warm and moving. Looking up, his eyes bugged out. The man was tall, looking to be well above six feet tall and longer limbs. His shorter brown hair was styled perfectly as if he had only taken a handful of gel and ran his hand through his hair. His gaze flickered to the man’s clothed chest in front of him before slowly letting his eyes travel up to meet smirking hazel-green eyes. His cheeks instantly warmed at being caught.” – From The Assistant Principal

Damon Wolfe is simply amazing, isn’t he? He was born in Hasmela, Realm of the Fallen, but no one knows when. He is 24 years old, which is about 1,200 years old in human years. He is a descendant of an Angel. He stands at about 6ft 2in, or 188 cm, and weighs about 160 lbs, or 72.5 kg.

As said in the small blurb above, he has brown hair and hazel-green eyes that match well with that smexy smirk! He is slightly tan, and hasn’t really told much about his family.

To the students of Freymorr High knew him as Mr. Wolfe for about half a year in total. But, if you want to get any more details out of him, just let me know. I’d be happy to bug him for you!

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