Angel Fallen

Angel Fallen are now all born in the Realm of Hasmela. The original angels that fell were all born in Efraen. Once having a cruel Master, they now have the kind King Lucifer to protect them.

Descendants of Angels are in between 6 and 7 ft tall, or 182.8 and 213.3 cm.

They are only allowed to eat fruit, whether that be of Hasmela or any other realm. It’s a bit weird, but that’s what the system agrees with, I guess. I’ll have to sit in on one of Alistair’s lessons to find out more about why this happens.

Fallen have very distinct features. They all have dark hair and/or dark eyes. Their ears are slightly pointed, and they have four sharp canines. They aren’t as long as a vampires, but they are just as sharp. They have a tail protruding from their tailbone, not unlike a cat’s tail. Just, proportioned to the body it belongs to. They have black fingernails, and black feathered wings.

These beautiful wings don’t grow until they are 13 years old, whether they be Angel Fallen or Human Fallen. They can hide these wings and features if they learn the magick to do so. It can help them fit in with the humans better.

Adults wear leather wrappings of all shapes, sizes, and colours. The children wear various shades of black or grey cotton shirts and pants.

The Angel Fallen age 1 year for every 50 human years that goes by.

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