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Hello! Welcome to my website! I’ve been writing and reading for as long as I was able to. I picked up my first chapter book at around 4 or 5, and I’ve been reading since. I’ve had many stories over the years that I’ve lost or rewritten. The gods know how many times I’ve rewritten something as I’m proofreading it.

I will admit, that I usually don’t have a method to the way I write my stories. Inspiration hits and I start writing. Ideas come as I continue to write, until I get the plot that fits with my ideas. Then I’ll go back and rewrite it (again) until I’m satisfied.

I got the idea to create my own world, and I will admit that a lot of my inspiration to do this has been J. K. Rowling with the world of Harry Potter and Christopher Paolini with The Inheritance Cycle. I will also give credit to the Fantasy Name Generator website for without the help to think of names, I would be totally lost.

I also love music, so at some point I might try to create music of my own. I went to Lyndon State College (now called Northern Vermont University Lyndon Campus) for a few years, though I didn’t graduate. The college, itself, was amazing. I just didn’t have the patience anymore for it, so it was completely my own fault.

I have a page on Wattpad where I will try to put some of my stories up. They will be FREE for anyone to read. I also have some fanfiction (*blush*) that I admit to NOT OWNING THE SHOW OR MOVIE THAT THEY ARE FOR. It is purely help me keep my creativity flowing. And for fun, of course.

With all of that, I hope you enjoy the world I created and the adventures that I have (and will) write!

~Kathryn Rose~

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