Tarot Universe 06/18/2020

Goooood Morning, all! What do the cards have to say this morning about the universe? Let’s see. 🙂

The FIRST card is influenced by the SECOND card: 10 of Pentacles and Knight of Wands. Respectively meaning: Reward; energy, determined, fierce.

The THIRD card is The Magus which means creation and recognition.

The FOURTH card and the FIFTH card are intertwined: Page of Swords and the 9 of Pentacles. Taking risks. Control, success.


What does this mean to me? You can have a reward for what you as long as you remember that what you give is what you get. Use caution. But we need new ideas in the world, creative ideas, that will help us move forward as a people. You have enough hurt and harm, we don’t need more. But by taking control of the risks you decide to make, you’ll have more success.

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