Assan Stories: Lucifer’s Adventures

Welcome to my first story post! The idea I had was to give three stories to you guys in a fun way. Each week will another chapter to one of the three stories: Lucifer’s Adventures, Hidden, and Hunter and the Prophecy. In that order. Without further ado, here is the first chapter to Lucifer’s Adventures!


Golden eyes watched the white fluffy clouds drift across the bright blue sky. A gentle smile crossed an angel’s face as he let his thoughts wander. Life, for him, was beautiful at the moment. White wings, as white as the fluffy clouds above, swayed in the lazy wind behind him. Equally white hair was ruffled in the breeze as a small sigh escaped his lips. 


The man turned his head to see a gorgeous woman, round with child, waving to him from a slight distance. A grin spread across his face as he silently made his way to where the woman stood. “Lillith! What are you doing out of bed, my love?”

“I’m bored,” the woman replied with a small pout on her face. Niklaus laughed. 

“Yes, well. The doctor told you to stay in bed, didn’t he?” he asked. Lilith rolled her eyes as Niklaus stopped in front of her. She reached up to softly hold his face in her hands and she smiled. 

“I missed you,” she admitted softly. Niklaus’s eyes softened and leaned in to press a small kiss to her lips. 

“I’ve not been gone for more than an hour, my love,” he replied. He reached down to caress her hips, rubbing his right thumb against her swollen belly. Her hands slipped down and around his neck, letting out a small but happy sigh. 

“Will you stay with me, Nik? At least for a bit?” she asked. Her blue eyes gazed up at him lovingly and her long black hair framed her face perfectly, in his opinion. Niklaus pressed his lips against hers once more. After a moment of stillness, he pulled back just enough to speak to her.

“Of course, my love,” he whispered. He let his left hand slip from her hip to find her right hand, intertwining their fingers. Gently, he guided them back to their home. “You walked quite a bit just to come to find me.”

“Yes, well,” she started, a smirk tugging at her lips. “I needed to exercise. Doctor Heartly won’t let me out of bed very often these days.”

“I don’t blame him, Lil,”  Niklaus said, glancing at her out of the corner of his golden eyes. “Little Lucifer will be joining us any day now. What if you go into labour when you’re away from the house?”

“I would have to figure it out,” she replied stubbornly. Niklaus laughed lightly, rubbing his thumb against the back of Lilith’s hand. Lilith sighed in contentment as they walked together in companionable silence for a bit. “What do you think Lucifer will be like?” 

“Hm?” Niklaus glanced at his mate quickly before the question registered. He smiled. “I’m sure he’ll be just as strong as you are, my love.”

“You don’t suppose there will be complications, do you?” she asked, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth. Niklaus frowned. 

“Why would you think that Lil?” he asked. Lilith sighed heavily. 

“Well, we’re the first mates to have a child with both of us being archangels. I just hope that nothing happens,” she said. Niklaus’s face fell smooth for a moment, void of any emotion. Lilith glanced over and frowned at the look. Before she could comment on it, Niklaus had a small smile creep across his lips. 

“Just because we’re the first archangels to have children together, that doesn’t mean our child will have issues of any kind,” he replied. Lilith sighed. 

“I know, but I can’t help but worry about the unknown,” she said. Niklaus nodded as they made their way into the house they shared. Niklaus had built it with his own two hands. Lilith had helped him, of course, but he hadn’t let her do anything too heavy on the body. Lilith had merely rolled her eyes at him but had watched him work with interest. She had gotten pregnant about a year after the house had been finished. 

“Why don’t we relax on the bed and read, my love?” Niklaus suggested. Lilith smiled. 

“Sounds amazing, Nik,” she replied. Niklaus grinned and pulled her gently through the house. The front door led to a small mudroom where they could hang up coats and put away shoes. They toed off their shoes and Niklaus put them in the correct cubbies. Being July, he didn’t have to worry about coats. 

The mudroom gave way to the living room and kitchen. It was one big area, vaguely separated by furniture. A large white leather L-shaped couch was even with the wall of the mudroom and was the barrier between the living space and the kitchen. In the living room, a large bay window sat facing the front yard they had just come from. A large fireplace sat in the far wall. It served to warm both the living room as well as the master bedroom sitting on the other side. 

The kitchen was large and went beyond the living room, leading to a medium-sized table surrounded by chairs. An island sat in the middle, one side had stools facing the rest of the kitchen. The appliances were pure white and matched the light grey marble countertops. A few lights hung down over the island but weren’t low enough to be in the way of working or sitting there. 

Both rooms had light brown hardwood flooring covering the space. The walls were a light seafoam green that Lilith enjoyed. She smiled as she thought of the work they put into the house. Niklaus led her to the hallway that was off between the far living room wall and the table area. The hardwood continued into each room of the house. They passed a bathroom, large and elegant with white furnishings. They went into the first bedroom on the left, which held the master bedroom. She smiled down at the four other doors down the rest of the hall. One would be Lucifer’s. 

Their bedroom was large and held a fairly decent sized bed in between two floor-to-ceiling windows. The walls in this room were light blue, the same colour as the morning sky. The bed matched. They had two dressers side by side, one for each of them. Various nick nacks littered the room neatly, giving the room character. 

She was quite proud of what the two of them had. Niklaus gave her a smile and rubbed her back where her wings would be. Being pregnant, she had to keep them tucked away under her skin to keep the stress off of her body. Niklaus allowed his own wings to fold neatly into his back, disappearing from view. He laid on his side of the bed, gently tugging his wife down with him. She curled up on top of him as much as her swollen body would allow, sighing happily as a smile curled around the edges of her lips. 


“Come on, my love. I know you can do this,” Niklaus murmured in his mate’s ear. He sat behind her, letting her rest her weight against him. He had his arms wrapped around the top of her waist, letting her squeeze her hands as much as she needed to. He hated to see his mate in so much pain, but unfortunately, this was part of the process. 

“N-Nik,” she whimpered out between big gulps of breath. “I-It hurts!”

“I know, my love. I know,” he said. He let out a silent sigh as he let his thumb rub small circles against the back of her hand. 

“I need you to push for me, Lilith,” another angel said. He stood at the end of the bed, in between Lilith’s raised legs. There was a female angel on either side of him, there to help in case he needed it. “His head is almost there.”

“You’re doing so well, Lil,” Niklaus murmured. Lilith nodded, tears from the pain clinging to her eyelashes. She took a deep breath before letting her muscles clench and tried to push as hard as she could. She could feel the little head trying to push forward into the world. Although at that moment, his head didn’t feel so little. Niklaus pressed his nose into Lilith’s sweaty black hair, inhaling her scent. 

“Push once more, Lilith,” the doctor said. Lilith let out a small sob as she did what she was told to. She felt the head pop out, but now the shoulders were caught at the edge. Could she even stretch that much? “You’re doing a wonderful job, Lilith. Keep pushing for me.”

Lilith held back a scream as she pushed as hard as she could. For about ten seconds, nothing happened. She was about to stop pushing for a moment to catch her breath when she felt the shoulders pop through. Her head fell back in pain, though Niklaus was there to nuzzle the pale skin in comfort. “You’re almost there, my love.” 

The room echoed with the sickening squelch as the baby fell all the way out. It was silent for a moment, no one daring to breathe, before a large cry broke through the silence. Both parents sighed in relief. The doctor swiftly cut the umbilical cord and handed the baby to one of the females beside him.

About thirty minutes later, Lilith was cleaned and comfortable on the bed with Lucifer in her arms gazing up at her with golden eyes. Niklaus was still behind her, arms wrapped around her recovering body. 

“He’s beautiful,” Lilith said, tears of joy in the corners of her eyes. Niklaus hummed in agreement. 

“Of course he is,” he replied, tone light and teasing. “He is our son, after all.”

Lilith was too tired to laugh, but she gave a smile and a small, amused huff. “A beautiful start to a beautiful family.”

Niklaus merely smiled as he watched as both mother and son fell asleep against him. He watched the baby as he slept. Lucifer Zachery Mortis, born KoX250 July 12. Thoughts swirled around Niklaus’s mind. Thoughts he had pushed away when he discovered Lilith as his mate. Plans were being made in his head, though they had changed to accommodate his growing family.

“Just wait for the world I have in store for you, little Lucifer. The things you’ll accomplish with me.”


“Look, Nik,” Lilith said, smiling as she beckoned the archangel over to her. The man got up from the couch with a small smile forming on his face, making his way over to his mate. His toes wiggled in the thick, soft beige carpet that now graced the floor of the living room. “Lucifer is already protecting him, and we just brought him home.”

“Two beautiful babies,” Niklaus said in agreement. He looked down into the crib they had in the living room at the moment. Curled up against Lucifer was Apollyon Grimm Mortis, born KoX251 June 29. Where Lucifer had jet black hair and golden eyes, Apollyon had pure white hair and bright blue eyes. Light grey wings covered in dawn feathers had started to grow from their little backs already. Niklaus smiled at the sight. He ignored the slight pain that laced through his head. He turned his head and pressed his lips gently to Lilith’s temple.

“Both healthy too. Do you think they’ll be archangels like us?” she asked, turning to look at him Niklaus laughed softly.

“Only time will tell, but I would assume they would be,” Niklaus answered. He chuckled once more. “There won’t be a single angel that won’t know their names.”

“I know,” Lilith said with a frown crossing her face. “I don’t know how to feel about that.”

“Come now, Lil,” Niklaus said. He tilted her head towards his own and smiled down into her bright blue eyes. He leaned down and pressed a kiss against her lips. She sighed against him and brought her arms to wrap around his neck. Her slender fingers tangled into his hair at the back of his neck and she stood on the tips of her toes. His hands came down to hold her waist, partly to keep her steady. He released her lips and rested his forehead against hers. “They’ll be fine. We’ll just have to take care to raise them humbly.”

“Yes,” Lilith agreed, a smile spreading across her face. She pressed her lips to his once more for a moment before pulling back a few inches. “Don’t you have to leave soon to go to your meeting?”

“Yes, my love,” Niklaus replied. He pressed his lips to hers once more, only for a quick moment. “I’ll be leaving in a few minutes.”

True to his word, Niklaus was leaving the house a few minutes later. He flexed his back muscles, feeling his feathery appendages pop painlessly from underneath his skin. A moment later, they spread out wide and flapped a few times before he crouched down. He leapt off of the ground, flapping his wings hard once before he shot straight up into the air. He looked out to the land, seeing rolling green hills to his left, mountains in the far distance. He turned to his right, seeing the nearest city not too far away. 

He made his way casually to his destination. The angels waiting for him weren’t impatient. He had taught them better than that. A few angels waved to him once he was flying over the streets, and he waved back with a small smile. It took a few more minutes before he made it to the small brick building set back a bit from the main street. He landed gently, letting his wings snap closed. He flexed his back muscles, letting them fold underneath the skin. He didn’t know why he preferred his wings tucked under the skin, but he did. Most angels just tucked them neatly against their backs. 

“My lord!” the door guard exclaimed, a huge grin spreading across his face when he saw Niklaus. Niklaus gave a small smirk. 

“Hello, Helm,” he replied, nodding slightly as he walked through the door. A long hallway greeted him covered with a rusty red carpet that should’ve been replaced soon. The walls were light grey with a few stains here and there. His nose scrunched up at the uncleanliness of the building in general, but he didn’t spend any more time than was necessary within these walls. The halls were empty, though he had already expected that. Everyone should’ve been in the meeting hall already, waiting for him. 

The large double doors finally stood in front of him and he flicked his hand. The doors slowly creaked open, causing him to hold back a wince at the sound. The soft murmurs that had been permeating the room were suddenly hushed and he had to hold back a chuckle. 

“Welcome, my lord.”

“Hello, my faithful friends,” he replied when he had gotten to the front of the room, keeping his tone light. He stepped up onto a raised dais where his throne-like chair waited for him. He sat down gracefully, watching with satisfaction as the gatherers knelt down in one swift motion. He allowed a small smirk to form on his lips. “How art thou on this beautiful afternoon?”

He didn’t expect an answer and didn’t get one either. He nodded. He scanned the room to observe the behaviours of his followers. Not one of them seemed to be afraid or stressed out, which caused a genuine smile to cross his lips. 

“Arthur,” he called out, eyes trained on a blonde in the front row. The man stood up from his kneeling position and took a few steps forward. 

“Yes, my lord?” he asked. Niklaus let a soft smile form on his face, though it was mostly for show. Not that his followers needed to know that small detail. 

“How is your grandfather doing?” he asked. Niklaus supposed that he did care for the wellbeing of the aforementioned man, even if that wasn’t his intention when asking the other. Arthur grinned. 

“Grandfather is doing well, though he mentioned this morning that he was thinking about retiring soon,” the angel said. Niklaus nodded as a small bolt of joy spread through his body at the news. 

“Did he mention how long he will stay in office, by chance?” Niklaus asked, feigning simple curiosity. Arthur tilted his head with a small frown as he tried to recall his conversation with the man from that morning. Niklaus could practically see the small lightbulb that went off when Arthur turned to face him a moment later with a large grin. 

“Ah. He said around the year five hundred,” he replied. Niklaus nodded, silently dismissing him back into line. With a returned nod and a spring in his step, Arthur returned to his spot in line. Niklaus let his eyes roam once more. 

“Sassa,” he called out gently. He let curiosity flow into his voice to the woman that stood at the far end of the front row. She swiftly made her way to the place where Arthur had stood a few moments before. 

“Yes, my lord?” she asked. Her voice was as smooth as crystal bells and her face was flawless. Large navy blue doe-like eyes looked up at him from a heart-shaped face. He internally grinned at the innocence coming off of the girl in small waves. 

“Have the gods mentioned anything about that new species they wanted to create?” he asked. Sassa smiled and practically bounced in place. 

“They put me on the team of creating the realm for them. Astrain, I think it will be called. In the meantime, they are creating the Nekogin at the moment. Alpekk was just finished last week,” she replied. Niklaus nodded, thinking about the information. 

“I suppose it will take a while to create Astrain, hm?” he asked, golden eyes focused on her. She nodded, light blue pigtails bouncing softly. He had to remind himself that Sassa was still a child, even if she was a demi-god. Half-god, half-angel. 

“They plan on having Astrain be the biggest realm in all of the worlds! Apart from Kastqs, of course,” she replied. Niklaus blinked at this but filed the information to ponder over later. 

“Anything else I should know about?” he asked. Sassa paused. The joy seemed to drain from her limbs and she stared at Niklaus, unseeing. Niklaus knew this look. It meant she was receiving a prophecy. The demi-god was prophetic, one of the reasons he had her among his followers. He stood from his throne and walked towards her. He stopped in front of her, letting his long, slender fingers grip her chin gently to tilt her head to face him. “What is it, Sassa?”

“Four chosen of the highest angel will prevail. Four chosen by the highest angel will succeed. Four chosen of the highest angel will be turned against the highest. The Highest Angel will face the Highest Falen in battle and only one will survive. Whether it be father or son, only time will tell.”

Niklaus frowned as he caught the young demi-god in his strong arms, having lost consciousness after giving her prophecy. What did that mean? The highest angel? “M-my lord?”

“Hm?” Niklaus was torn from his thoughts as a tentative voice broke through the silence. He looked up to see that Llyod Snow had shakily stood up from his place in line. The eleven-year-old assassin took another step forward.

“What will you have us do about this prophecy?” he asked. Niklaus was silent for a moment, observing the boy. Llyod had to resist the urge to squirm in front of the man nervously. The nerves, Niklaus observed, came from the obvious awe that could be seen in the boy’s emerald eyes. 

“We will have to put it aside for now, until the contents become clearer. We will continue to pursue our goals and take this one day at a time,” Niklaus said carefully, though he put a gentle smile on his face. Llyod gave a wide grin, stars in his eyes as he looked up to his idle. 

“Yes, my lord,” the group chorused. It sent a thrill down Niklaus’s spine. The power that he wielded in his veins seemed to thrum just under the surface. He supposed he should start going back to work as an archangel for now. Until his plans could come to fruition. Fortune only smiled down upon those who waited for her, after all. 


And THERE IT IS! Please let me know what you think so far? This chapter is more of a prequel. I promise the next one will introduce Lucifer and his cute little brother Apollyon!

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