Tarot Universe 06/15/2020

The universe tries to tell us many things. Many times, we don’t listen. Well I would like to change that. 🙂

The FIRST card and the SECOND card are intertwined: The Chariot and The Tower. Forward motion, victory, journey; transition, collapse, caution, discomfort.

The THIRD card is 3 of Wands, meaning hard work, paying off, success.

The FOURTH card and the FIFTH card are intertwined: Knight of Cups and The Hermit. Consumed, invested; analytical, kind, practical, isolation.


Take this as you will. With everything going on in the world (all the protests and riots), it all makes sense (to me at least). We’ve been marching forward in a journey that hasn’t been all that wonderful. But the more hard work we put into making this world a better place, the happier we will be as a whole. But be careful. Being consumed with one singular thing can destroy all that hard work. Complete isolation isn’t always good, but it isn’t always bad either.

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