Tarot Universe 06/14/2020

The first question for this place I asked was: What is the success of this page and way of life?

I got four cards this time. (Which to explain a bit, these cards have a mind of their own. I don’t use traditional spreads. I lay them however they tell me to. Simple as that.)

FIRST card was Queen of Pentacles. Typically to mean independence.

The SECOND card and THIRD card twined as one: Strength and Five of Swords. Timing, patience, control, warmth, actions; blockage, wasting energy, learn to relax.

The LAST card was The Magus which is creation and recognition.


For me, this means that as independent as I am, this page can succeed with timing and patience. However, learning to relax in times where I need to is key. It’s okay to take a break now and again. Being creative is the way of life and the key to unlock those doors. Recognizing all of this and keeping it in mind as I move forward is very important.

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