My name is Kathryn Rose Hanson. This is my website. Writing is something I’ve always loved to do. This is the place for my poems, short stories, my love of tarot, and my connection with the spirit world. Assan (pronounced ah-shah-n) is a world I created with the help of my friends and those around me. So far, it’s been going amazingly. I’m still discovering things about my world, as I feel like it created itself. It’s my job to just put it on paper.

Just a bit about myself. I’m twenty-two, as of this post, and I’m a Hellenistic Pagan. That means: yes, I practice magick myself; and yes, I worship the ancient Greek Gods. The two I connect with the most are Apollo and Artemis. I’m not dismissing the others at all. (They’d all plot to kill me…) I’m still considered new with Tarot, so don’t hate me if it’s lacking a bit in the beginning.

At this stage in life, I am still figuring a lot out. I still have a mundane job (that I love, at the moment) and I’m pulling myself from a depression that’s lasted way too damn long. I live in the United States of America in New England. One of the hardest places in this country for someone my age to try and make a living by themselves. Oh well, I’m gonna try anyways.

That’s all I have for you this week, my kittens! See ya~

~Kathryn Rose~

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