SO MANY INTERVIEWS!!!! I’m sorry that its taking so long to get this next story out. I’m stuck doing countless interviews. 😦

I’m not even close to being done yet. BUT on the bright side, I’m exploring more of Ashan for you! So more on that yet to come.

Another thing, is that I might be selling crafts from the different realms soon! No date yet, nothing solid yet, but stay tuned!!

Oh, I just finished interviewing Lucifer, the king of Hell. Now I’m trying to interview the prophesy children. Oops! I said too much already…

Gods forgive me!

But in all honesty, this might take awhile to get the full picture of what happened from all sides of this tale. I’ll try as fast as I can to get it out, but I’m being bounced here there and everywhere! Admittedly, though, it is super fun to explore the realms. I also have my mundane job I have to go to. Though I can also work on this stuff a bit then too.


Love you all! Stay Rosy, my Kittens! Ja ne~

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